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Best compact system camera 2012: 28 reviewed and rated

Best compact system camera 2012: 28 reviewed and rated

Update: We've added the latest great CSCs and updated the listings with current selling prices, including Australian market prices.

The popularity of compact system cameras (CSCs) has exploded over the last year, due to the quality images and flexibility of use they deliver.

If you like to keep up with the latest advances in camera technology, you will have had your hands full for the past year, since the popularity of compact system cameras has resulted in even more new models being released and more manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, including Nikon and Fuji.

Although choice is generally a good thing, the vast array of CSCs on the market today can make choosing the right one a daunting prospect.

The popularity of these cameras can be put down to a number of factors. Being able to change lenses increases creative possibilities, plus the large image sensor (when compared to compact cameras) in many helps to improve noise levels at high sensitivities and boost dynamic range.

Recent advances in sensor technology have also helped to close the gap in image quality between these cameras and bulkier DSLRs.

Above all else, the compact size means that compact system cameras are not left at home due to their bulk, which, for many, can bring the fun back into picture taking. Models range from those best suited to snap-shooters, right through to cameras with professional-level controls and features.

We've taken a good look through the CSC ranges each manufacturer has to offer and taken each model's strengths into account, to help you to find the camera best tailored to your particular requirements.

Prices listed are typical selling prices for standard packages with a basic zoom lens included, in the UK, Australia and the US. We've grouped the best compact system cameras by brand and ranges, to help you to find your way around the best CSCs on offer now.

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